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Afro-Brazilian Turbans & Head Wraps Workshop - London

  • Black Cultural Archives 1 Windrush Square. Brixton. SW2 1EF London United Kingdom (map)

Brixton Come Together Festival 2018 presents the Afro-Brazilian Turbans & Head Wraps Workshop by Thaís Muniz from project.

Going beyond the ways of tying proper African inspired head wraps and turbans, this workshop brings you closer to the history of this symbol on the post colonial context for the Afro Diasporas. 

Starting with a short lecture, Thaís Muniz share her research about the complex history of the turbans and head wraps from the Afro-Brazilian culture to the Afro-Atlantic diaspora, from ancient to contemporary times. The Yoruba culture, the Candomblé religion, the Orishas and the Baianas are the starting point to highlight the meanings of the head wrap and turbans in different contexts. 

Discussing about aesthetics, politics, art and empowerment, you will discover many characters who has been composing this legacy and the practical ways of tying more than 10 models of head wraps and turbans. Subscriptions cost £10 or £20 with a head wrap included. Special discount for Brixton residents. Send us an e-mail at ♥ 
Limited places.

Turbante-se is a Brazilian-Portuguese neologism that means Turban Yourself.

In the opportunity we will be launching the Kushe Salone collection where all the scarfs was collected and made in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and this finest selection will be available to purchase in our Head Wrap Bar. 

About Turbante-se & Thaís Muniz:

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