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What We Do


We are specialized in turbans and head wraps, their history and the connections between aesthetics, politics and art. Thaís Muniz has been a pioneer on the research focused on the turbans and head wraps in Afro-Atlantic culture, and it´s connections with the social function of non-verbal communication, its innumerable forms of use and meanings in different cultural contexts; and its place in political activism.

Turbante-se brings beauty to empower, share many ways of wrapping, play with prints and shapes, talk about our legacy and share our vision about racism, sexism, highlighting icons, and making art on peoples head and heart. 

We love to travel, to inspire and be inspired by people. We've bringing the project to a wide range of festivals, conferences, street parties and unique events in cities around the world (including Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona and Dublin). Here are a few of the work we've done: