London Workshop - Afro-Brazilian Head Wraps by Thaís Muniz

London Workshop - Afro-Brazilian Head Wraps by Thaís Muniz




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Gandaia Arts Presentes the Afro-Brazilian Head Wraps Workshop by Thaís Muniz from project.

This workshop starts with a lecture where Thaís Muniz explores the complex history of the turbans and head wraps in the Afro-Brazilian culture, expanding to the Afro-Atlantic diaspora, from ancient to contemporary times. The Yoruba culture, the Candomblé religion, the Orishas and the Baianas are our starting point to highlight the meanings of the head wrap as a symbol, and discussing about aesthetics, politics, art and empowerment. You will discover many characters and the practical ways of tying more than 10 models of head wraps. Turbante-se is a Brazilian-Portuguese neologism that means Turban Yourself.

The cost for the workshop is £15 or £25 with a head wrap included.

To subscribe, send us an e-mail on The finest selection of the Turbante-se scarves will be available to purchase. Only 40 places available.

Thaís Muniz founded the Turbante-se project on 2012 and in the last 6 years she has been carrying out research that has connected the history, meanings and the re-signification of head wraps in the Afro-Atlantic diaspora. Reflecting on the social function of the turban's non-verbal communication, its innumerable forms of use and meanings in different cultural contexts; and its place in political activism, Thaís reflects on racism, cultural appropriation and the importance of turban-wearing in contemporary urban culture. Through Turbante-se platform she tells and record stories, generates contents, and inspires the daily use through workshops, tutorials, artistic performances and experiments in art and design.