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Thaís Muniz is an artist and designer, who lives between Brazil and Europe, searching and sharing the aspects of Afro-Atlantic culture from the plurality of the turbans and head wraps, and it’s place on art, politics and aesthetics. Muniz started the project on 2012 and in the last 6 years she has been carrying a research that connects history, meanings and re-signification of the head wraps on the Afro-Atlantic diaspora.

Considered one of the most influential black women in Brazil on the web in 2014 by Geledés portal and Blogueiras Negras website, Thaís has taken the head wrap culture from museums to festivals around the world. Through Turbante-se she has been producing contents, sharing her research, recording stories for a documentary, and spreading splashes of colors through textiles in many heads and bodies around the world.

We understand the importance of know better our own history, and validate ourselves our cultural heritage. Thaís is really inspired by people, and by doing workshops, lectures, tutorials, artistic performances, experiments in art and design she wants to inspire them as well. The surface has been already conquered, let's go deeper now!

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More about Thaís

Thaís Muniz is a designer, creative director and strategist of projects related to design, art, culture, and society born in Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil. Moved to Salvador where studied Fashion Design, and found herself much more interested in the socio-political side of the industry. Studied art direction and cool hunting in Buenos Aires and worked as producer, art director and content maker for tv, magazines, books, websites, creative and educational projects in Salvador. Founded the Turbante-se project in 2012 from where she got the chance to add to her skills the beauty of making wearable art and understanding better her own history through the ongoing research about head wraps and Afro-Atlantic culture. In 2014 she moved to Dublin, Ireland, from where started travel around Europe, United States and Africa to keeping learning and spreading the Turbante-se message of royalty, strength, resistance and belongingness.


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